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1,500 GALLON S/S TANK - Item #7797

(2 AVAILABLE) Item is a used, 1,500 gallon, S/S, single wall fermenter. Tank is equipped with 4 S/S legs, side/bottom manway, slope bottom with 2"total discharge, 2" racking port, temp. port, sample port, and fittings for level gauge.

Pearson CE 50 case erector - Item #7880

Item is a used RA Pearson model CE 50, automatic case erector. The machine was manufactured in 2016 and is rated at up to 50 CPM. Min-Max case size L X W X H 8 3/4" x 5" x 3 1/2" - 23 1/2" x 16" x 18 1/2". Glue system is a Nordson Pro-Blue 10 with height adjust glue head. Carton magazine is approximately 24" wide X 100" long. It has leading/trailing kicker arms, vacuum carton pick-up, pneumatic carton squaring, and carton tilt-up discharge. Speed of the machine is adjustable "on the fly" with the machine operating through the HMI. Equipped with interlock door safety switches. The control panel is equipped with an AB Compact Logix L30ERM PLC, Kinetix 5500 servo drives, and PanelView 700 HMI. 80 PSI, 460v/3ph/60hz; 8.88 amps. Removed from service July, 2022. The stand alone electrical panel has not been disconnected from the machine - wiring is intact.

Sentry Rinser/Lowerator - Item #7682

Item is a used, Sentry, Ionized air rinser/lowerator. Machine is constructed with mild steel frame and has an infeed height of 13'7" and a discharge height of 4'. Small footprint "S" configuration. Machine is set up with a Simco Ionized air system. Currently set up for 460 volt - 3 phase power..

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If you are in the market for commercial beverage equipment to start up or expand your business, Ager Tank & Equipment can help. We carry a wide range of high quality new and used beverage processing equipment, from cappers and filling lines to labelers, palletizers, case erectors and other packaging equipment — all at a fair price. Put our experience with commercial beverage processing equipment to work for you.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you need on our site, please send us an email (or call 503-222-7079) with details and we will help you find it.

And if you’re upgrading, let us know — we buy used good quality commercial bottling and beverage handling equipment too!