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New Jersey Front and Back Labeler

New Jersey Front and Back Labeler 




Used New Jersey machine automatic labeler - it is a model 316 stallion, cold glue labeler. It is equipped with oscillating pressure pads. The 1750 rpm motor was replaced with an 1150 rpm motor to accommodate smoother operation at slower production rates of 105 bpm. With the standard 1750-rpm motor, the machine is capable of production rates of up to 240 bpm. Machine was operated in a blow molding facility and was operated at the lower speed to match up with their bottle production rates. It is equipped with gast vacuum pumps, product sensor, and a 1 _ inch wide top belt. The machine was used to label the front and back panels of one-quart motor oil bottles. It has additional parts for a special glue pattern to accommodate a ?tear-off? coupon on the label. The machine is in good condition and was running when it was removed from service in 1996. There are several thousand dollars worth of spare parts that are included with the machine.

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