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New Stock G&D -70H-2C 70 hp Glycol Chiller

New Stock G&D -70H-2C 70 hp Glycol Chiller 




Item is a new stock G&D 70 hp chiller package. This is a turn-key glycol chiller that includes the following: REFRIGERATION CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION -(2) semi hermetic reciprocating compressors -High efficiency brazed plate HX -chiller designed with 2 independent refrigeration circuits for maximum redundancy and efficiency - air cooled condenser with low ambient controls -all refrigeration piping complete -suction accumulators -liquid receivers with service valves -removable core filter dryers -sight glass -electronic expansion valve/solenoid valves (EXV) -hi/low pressure switches -oil failure control -fan cycling controls GLYCOL CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION -Insulated SS glycol reservoir -Integrated SS baffle for increased efficiency -Auxiliary ports for future chiller Module -chiller pump -process pump *With Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) -Bypass valve -temp gauges -liquid filled pressure gauge -union and ball valve for pump isolation -all insulated copper piping ELECTRICAL DESCRIPTION Complete NEMA 3R includes: -circuit breakers -motor starts -phase loss protection -motor overload protection -alternate relay (for equal run time) -microprocessor controls with communication -freeze stat -low glycol level alarm -flow switch -hi/low pressure switch -oil failure protection -crank case heater -single point electrical connection -factory run tested and fully charged with refrigerant -includes free glycol refractometer -2 year parts warranty, 1 year labor warranty Freight: Prepay & Add

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