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PE Modular Plus Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labeler

PE Modular Plus Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labeler 




Item is a used PE model Modular Plus M SM 540-6-4P-0-2 pressure sensitive labeler suitable for labeling full wrap cylinder containers The machine is fitted with two redundant labeling heads to eliminate downtime during label roll replacement. The machine has a rounded ergonomic frame for higher safety and accessibility to the operator for change over operations when the machine is running. The conveyor side of the machine is enclosed with safety guarding. Manufactured in 2019 and removed from service when the owner upgraded to a faster machine. This labeler was running on 12 oz glass bottles 90 bpm although the machine is capable of higher production rates. New cost for this machine in 2019 was approx. $129,000 and it remains in excellent shape.

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