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Hartness model 825 Case Packer 7721 Hartness model 825 Case Packer Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Hartness, model 825, fully automatic, drop style case packer. This is an all S/S machine set up for 460 volt/3-phasee operation. The machine was previously operating in a bottled water facility and has multiple grid sets, primarily 3 x 4 pack pattern. Carton and container flow is in the same direction. Includes double wide 7 1/2 wide chain by 7' conveyor side rtransfer to the packer.
Used 1100Gallon Insulated Tank 7719 Used 1100Gallon Insulated Tank Winery, Pharma, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used stainless processor tank that was previously used as a glycol/water storage tank. The tank is stainless construction with insulation and stainless cladding, closed top with top manway, mutiple top ports, Dimensions are 88" overall height, 6' Inner diameter, 76" outside diameter, 60: straightwall height. Capacity is approx 1100Gallon. The tank is outfitted with a stainless coile to allow the recirculation of Glycol/water thorught the coil. The tank was preciously used as a glycol holding tank.
Used BSV 120 bbl BBT 7718 Used BSV 120 bbl BBT Winery, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used BSV 120 bbl jacketed brite beer tank. This tank is approx 18'6"' tall x approx 7'6" od. It is designed with optimal jacket coverage to include multiple cooling zones. The tank is constructed of stainlees steel with insulation and stainless cladding. INcluded are side inswing manway door, bottom discharge, sample valve, carbonation stone, cip arm, prv and pressure gauge. It is also outfitted with four legs with cross braces and adjustable feet.. This tank is used but in excellent shape with both cosmeticallly and mechanically. Available for shipment immediatley.
NEW STOCK LETINA 12150l / 3210 Gal Jacketed Square storage fermenter 7706 NEW STOCK LETINA 12150l / 3210 Gal Jacketed Square storage fermenter Winery, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a new stock Letina jacketed square 12150L / 3210 Gallon storage vermenter with the following specifications: — volume approx. 12150 lit / 3210 Gallon — coat dimensions 2000 x 2450, height 2500 mm — 4 legs, height 400 mm, closed, adjustable M30 — off-centered bottom and top — manhole cover, dia. 400 mm, type N/240 — breath valve, DIN 50 — lifting lugs — ladder support — type plate with note card — thermometer, analog — sample tap, DIN 15 — level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled — manway door, oval, 440 x 340 mm, type CL — cooling jacket, 5 + 5 m2, max. 2.5 bar — thermowell — partial discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2" — total discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 3" — material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle brushed outside — packaging
Krones Variojet Rotary Bottle Rinser 7672 Krones Variojet Rotary Bottle Rinser Winery, Water, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Krones model VARIOJET, rotary, clamp style, bottle rinser. Machine was manufactured in 1999. Machine is all S/S construction and operates from left to right. It is designed to grip, invert, rinse, and bring the bottle back to upright position before discharge from the machine. This is a 32 clamp machine and was previously running single serve, PET water bottles at approximately 125 BPM. This is a single channel, liquid rinse machine. 460 volt power requirement. Approximate dimensions are 8'6" wide (+conveyor stubs), 9' deep, and 9'8" high.
ELF Hot Stamp Printer 7668 ELF Hot Stamp Printer Winery, Water, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a new ELF hot stamp printer designed to mount on the Pack Leader and other automatic labeleing machines. The ELF printer offers you the control, durability and efficiency you need for reliable, quality prints. Custom bracketry and wiring means easy use and operation when mated to a Pack Leader Labeler. The ELF printer’s quick-change hot foil ribbon magazines and high printing speeds ensure minimum downtime and maximum production output. Outstanding service life with robust, reliable technology, Price - $3995 Print character kit - $370
0.5HP Raiden Plus Flange Mount Mixer 7659 0.5HP Raiden Plus Flange Mount Mixer Winery, Water, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
0.5HP Raiden Plus Flange Mount Mixer Motor: 1/2 HP, TEFC, 5:1 Turndown, IP55, 208-230/460V, 3Ph, 1750 RPM Gearbox: 56 RPM (31.23:1), Premium Helical Drive, Hollow Shaft Cover, Oil Sight Glass, 56 C-Face NEMA Frame Adapter, Severe Duty Coating, Black, Synthetic Lubricant Control: None Mount: Flange Mount, 8'' CL150, 304SS Wetted Bearing: CS Bearing in Bolt-Down Holder Seal: Viton Lip Seal w/SS Garter Spring, Not Pressure/Vacuum Rated Shaft: 1.5'' x 119.5'' Exposed Length, 316SS, No Polish Included Bottom Impeller: 38'' High Efficiency Impeller, 3 Blades, Low Shear, 304SS, Bolton Blades, Deburred, Mill Finish, Keyed w/ Set Screw Attachment, Safety Impeller Attachment Design Parameters: Viscosity = 10 cps / SG = 1 Mixing Volume = 3208 gallons Bulk Flow Velocity = 15 ft/min Mixer Approximate Weight = 233 lbs Mixer Approximate Height = 26.2" Torque = 563 in-lb Bending Moment = 800 in-lb Freight TBD and prepaid by purchaser
G&D CH-3/10.5 Fire-N-Ice Chiller 7658 G&D CH-3/10.5 Fire-N-Ice Chiller Winery, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a new stock G&D CH-3/10.5 Fire-N-Ice portable chiller and heating unit. Specifications are as follows: -Complete refrigeration circuit -Engineered high efficiency heat exchanger for maximum energy savings -Low watt density heating element, which avoids damage to glycol system from high heat contact -Glycol circulation pump -Dynamic Fluid bypass valve -All insulated copper piping -Insulated stainless steel glycol reservoir -Powder-coated steel frame -Stainless steel housing -4 brass quick disconnects, which allows you to heat or cool up to 4 tanks at once without the loss of glycol. -Heavy duty rubber on steel casters for easy portability -ETL 508A listed complete control panel w/single point electrical connection, breakers , starters & safety switches -High and low pressure controls -NEMA 3R Digital temperature controller for simple operation in damp environments -25 ft. power cord -1 set of 20 ft. glycol hoses w/ female quick disconnects -Factory-Run tested and charged w/refrigerant -Includes free glycol refractometer -1 year parts and labor warranty

Page 2 of 33 out of 264 total items

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